Bergen Kunstmuseum 29.10.2010 19.0030.01.2011 17.00


…the Norwegian artist duo Habbestad & Larsson create a project called telart, encompassing the social and technological field of telephones. The work consists of a series of modified phone booths and a sound installation connecting the people of Bergen to the artistic context of Bergen Art Museum.

In Midair
…is a cinematic videowork edited in BEKs videostudio the last two months. Ljosvoll creates a very specific atmosphere of movement, silence and arcitecture reflected in a museum setting.

In 2006 LMW (Lossius, Mogstad and Welsh) did a container installation called Improsynth / jc 87. At Bergen Art Museum the three rearrange thoughts, ideas and materials from this installation and edits it directly into the exhibition space.

Sound Barrier
… is a sound installation consisting of some 140 portable CD-and cassette radios assembled as a wall. Visually, these devices function as elements in a structure inspired by historical stone constructions.

The CD players and radios in the wall are playback units for a composition of electronically treated sounds borrowed from radio waves, Morse code, FM- and satellite radio etc. Sound signals that also will be obsolete and forgotten sooner than we might expect.