BEK summer party 12 August

BEK, C. Sundts gate 55, 9th floor 12.08.2022 19.0012.08.2022 23.59


Please join us for BEK’s summer party on Friday 12 August at 19:00 for a night celebrating BEK-community and the last days of summer!

We will open the party with a workshop by Sveinung Rudjord Unneland, Borghild Rudjord Unneland and Charlotte Besuijen, inviting you to decorate our blank walls with neon tape and glitter. The tape project “Continuous re-mark” is open ended and rests on the idea that we all can take part in it. The three artists who lead the workshop are part of The Unfinished Institution, a studio collective that works with individual and collective projects in and outside its new building in Laksevåg.

After that we invite you to performances by Omar E. Johnsen and Luke Drozd, and by Jiska Huizing and Mathias Loose:

Johnsen and Drozd were working in a studio residency at BEK this spring, attempting to find a collaborative aural language via a series of improvisations through traditional instrumentation and less orthodox objects. Broken record players, contact mics, analogue synths and an old typewriter. Drifting and burbling soft noise, creaks from an aging vessel, chirruping clicks of electronic birdsong, and broken or misremembered EDM. For the party, Johnsen and Drozd will present a new improvisation based on these experiments.

Our current residents Huizing and Loose are investigating field recording and its relation to place and memory, as well as generative and interactive audio systems. In the performance, they will share some glimpses from their creative process. 

We will heat up our barbecue, prepare some salads and snacks and serve you a welcome drink! Please bring whatever you would like to grill, and whatever else you need for good summer vibes.

Last, but not least, the summer party will be an opportunity to celebrate our beloved former colleague Marieke Verbiesen, who recently left her position at BEK. 

Contributing artists

Sveinung Rudjord Unneland is a visual artist often working with paintings and sculpture assembled in installations. He is currently a PhD candidate at KMD, The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art.

Borghild Rudjord Unneland is a visual artist based in Bergen, working in a variety of 2- and 3-dimensional media.

Charlotte Besuijen is a visual artist based in Bergen.

Omar E. Johnsen is a musician exploring new territories within music and sound, frequently collaborating with visual artists. His focus is on modular synthezisers, improvised music and sound installations.

Luke Drozd is an artist and maker whose work takes a variety of forms, from print and sculptural works to music and performances both solo and as part of duo Reet Maff’l. He hosts Thunks and Thuds, a fortnightly show of music and sounds on the independent radio station Vers Libre.

Jiska Huizing is an artist, musician and DJ. Their work questions the way we perceive things and our surroundings, using various media including photography, sound, drawing, text and hikes.

Mathias Loose is a sound artist inventing and creating musical ideas which translate into records, sound pieces and visual material. His academic background combines fine art and film composition. He is a member of FUKK – Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere,