Barbora Svarcova & Dana Machajova at Galleri Fisk

Galleri FISK 20.04.2012 00.0022.04.2012 00.00


This project is based on photographic series Le Mouvement by Étienne-Julese Marey from late 19th century, which analyze human movement using photographic image. Movement is depicted as a scheme eliminating any objects or spacial elements that are usually the targets of photographic apparatus.
Our central point is the picture of the figure covered in black clothes with white marks used for further movement analysis. We want to find the body in the space again. To do so we will paradoxically focus on its absence. We use the language of science to weaken the racional, transfering the focus from its results to its means.

Barbora Švarcova (*1985)

Artist born and based in Prague, Czech Republic. Studied Centre of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU (Film Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts).

Dana Machajová (*1986)

Prague based artist born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently studying at Centre of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU. Working mainly in video and mixed media installation.