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Røster_ is a sound piece for eight loudspeakers developed in collaboration with Trond Lossius and BEK. The piece is made up of a series of tableaux, as a theater of sound in several acts, and takes listeners on an aural journey through the island Røsts amazing environments. The sound is spatialised using the “ViMiC”: ~ nils/papers/ICMC08-VIMIC_final.pdf system, creating an intensely physical encounter with Røsts geo-phonics and bio-phonics: We know the wind that’s blowing up the ground, the rain that hits the ocean, thousands of bird wings that swarm in the air. We are in the boat. We are on land. Culture and nature. We are in a stream of acoustic realities. It is silent. It is night. We go our way in landscapes and we find the way back. Tableaux alternates between the concrete and the abstract.

In Røster Elin Vister continues to explore listening strategies in contemporary sound art. How can we best convey sound art to the public? At BEK this weekend we’ll enjoy a work-in-progress version, while one can hear more about the piece itself and her work. Elin continues to work in our project space for two weeks.

Elin Øyen Vister (N) is a soundartist, composer and DJ. She has studied sound-engineering, music technology, and popular musicology in Norway and England. She is currently doing her MFA at the art academy in Trondheim, KIT NTNU, where she is following the joint study program Nordic Sound Art. She is also known under the artist alias DJ Sunshine. More…


When we ask Nathan Wolek to tell us a little bit about his piece, he says: “Being new to Bergen, I have enjoyed the landscape that surrounds the city. When BEK invited me to develop a sound installation for this room, I took as my inspiration the view of the harbour focussed through a single window. The low tones evoke both the massive boats that visit the harbour and the mountains that watch them from above like sentinels. The drones repeat with breath-like pattern and slowly modulate in synchronization with the minutes of the hour. The room becomes a space of contemplation that compliments the harbour view.”

Nathan Wolek (USA) is an audio artist and researcher whose work encompasses advanced signal processing techniques, multimedia performance, and electronic music history. He is currently a guest researcher at BEK for 6 months, focusing on granular synthesis and Jamoma. His installation at BEK this weekend is called “Harbour View”. More…


Espen Sommer Eides audio-visual iPad app is a commissioned work for the SID exhibition that focussed on gestural interaction.
Entitled “The Movement I-X”, the work is in the form of two iPad multi-touch instruments, to be played by one or more users simultaneously.

The Movement at App Store

Espen Sommer Eide (N) is a composer, musician and philosopher. As an active contributor to the Bergen experimental art scene, his works often emphasize on manipulated live instruments integrated with pure electronic sounds. More…