Arun mats in Urban point

Innbyggerservice, Kaigaten 4, Bergen 20.10.2017 12.0028.10.2017


Stian Remvik at BEK has set up four Arun mats in the interactive installation Urban point. The installation is a 2,5 m3 large cube sprayed with graffiti, with sound from the graffiti process. The audience can turn the sound on and off by stepping on the mats. Arun mats are produced for and used as security alarms, but in the installation they function as on/off buttons.

Urban point is presented by Jannicke Olsen and Sindre Sommerfelt, with graffiti by Graffitør Barnslig_ and sound by Peter Sæverud.

Urban point is this years exhibition during International Week in Bergen, and starts off the whole program with official opening on Friday October 20th at 12.00 at Innbyggerservice.

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