Artist talk by the South African media artists JAMES WEBB and MARCUS NEUSTETTER

Galleri 3,14 15.03.2009 19.0015.03.2009 21.00


He will be presenting a lecture that will feature notable recent projects such as “Autohagiography,” whereby he taped himself while under hypnosis, “The Black Passage,” an installation comprising of an audio recording of the empty elevator cage descending 3,5km to the bottom of the world’s deepest goldmine, and “There’s No Place Called Home” an on going, world-wide intervention using incongruous foreign birdcalls broadcast out of speakers concealed in local trees.

James Webb was born in Kimberley, South Africa in 1975 and had exhibited, performed and broadcast throughout South Africa and other parts of the world including Japan, Morocco, Australia and the Brazilian Amazon. For more information about James Webb:


In response to the cultural context of Johannesburg, Marcus Neustetter works both as cultural activist producing projects through the trinity session with his partner Stephen Hobbs and as an artist. The presentation titled IN TWO MINDS showcases projects that show the juxtapositions and the blurring of the different roles and how these synergies and dialogues relates to his personal artistic pursuit.

The presentation will be in English