Artist presentations by Zeno van den Broek, Jan Willem Hagenbeek, Tijs Ham & Birk Nygaard

BEK, C. Sundtsgate 55 27.03.2017 15.0027.03.2017 21.00


With so many “electronic” artists visiting Bergen it seems inevitable to bring them together at BEK where they will talk about their works and engage in conversations about their approaches and artistic ideas.

The doors open at 14.30, presentations start at 15.00
There will be served free dinner!



Zeno van den Broek
is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. His work is focused on space, time and architecture. Van den Broek utilizes immaterial and temporal means such as sound, acoustics and projections to create site and concept specific works. This trans-disciplinary method has a strong conceptual foundation, which enables Zeno to comprehend and express the richness and complexity of spatiality.

During his presentation, Zeno will dive deeper into the concepts and insights that lay at the heart of his piece Shift Symm and show how composing with sine tones and white noise as primary building blocks can lead to powerful sonic experiences.

Jan Willem Hagenbeek
has been performing for 14 years. As he has been interested in the technical side of musical instruments since he was a young kid he experimented a lot with self building instruments like opening and modding electronic organs. As part of his musical evolvement Jan Willem was on a personal search for what he wanted in
his modular system, which led to his first designs for modular synthesizers as Ginkosynthese.

During his presentation, Jan Willem will present two of his latest modules and talk about how he can incorporate them into his mobile modular setup.

Tijs Ham
is a soundartist from the Netherlands. Next to his work for STEIM he has an artistic practice that focusses on the musical expression of chaotic processes. After several residencies at BEK and many other institutions, Tijs will spend the first three months of 2017 working on the project ‘Refract / Recurse’, during a residency at USF Verftet.

Birk Nygaard
is a renowned light and video artist in Norway. He develops visual designs for different expressions on stage – be it a concert, theatre or dance. He makes
installations and initiates projects within art performance. His works have been displayed at Bergen Kunsthall and by Raff Design and he has worked with festivals such as Ekko on
a number of occasions.

During their presentation, Birk & Tijs will talk about their piece Refract / Recurse and discuss their ideas on creating abstract audiovisual experiences that take audiences on a experiential journey.

Here’s the link til the Facebook-event Refract/Recurse on March 26th



Zeno van den Broek
Jan Willem Hagenbeek
Tijs Ham & Birk Nygaard