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De Fabriek Eindhoven,Dutch Design Week Eindhoven,Plaza Futura 01.07.2010 00.0030.11.2010 00.00


Reloaded Videostill

In this playful stopmotion animated musicvideo monsters move to the beats & melody of the music. The characters come into existance after a failure in a laboratory, from which they manage to escape and find their way into the city, leaving a path of desctruction behind.

Reloaded Musicvideo

This animated videoclip for electronic musicduo Baskerville brings colorfull cartoonlike effects as seen in asian mangamovies to life in stopmotion. Inspired by early animationtechniques, such as used in the monsterfilms by Ray Harryhausen. His films together with japanese “Kaijumonsters” formed the NeoMonster filmgenre in the early 1950´s. These films centralised the battle between a monster and the human world, while blending in elements from horror, fantasy and science fiction movies.
Tampering with nature, warnings ignored and science prevails. Model animated characters interact with, and are a part of, the live-action world, with the idea that they will cease to call attention to themselves as an animation.

Films by Ray Harryhausen

The neo-Monster film genre uses speculative depictions of phenomena that are not necessarily accepted by mainstream beliefs, such as extra-terrestial life forms, alien worlds and time travel, often along with futuristic elements such as spacecraft, robots or other technologies. In many cases derived from science fiction, used by filmmakers who were indiffrent to standards like scientific plausibility and plotlogic. The genre has existed since the early years of silent cinema, when Georges Melies “A trip to the Moon” from 1902 amazed audiences with its trick photography effects.

For this musicvideo all sets were built and recorded in De Fabriek in the Netherlands. Marieke Verbiesen did the setbuilding together with Mieke Driessen and Neeltje Sprengers, who also made the puppets. The design for the puppets was based on elements from extinct animals, that are kept in archive by Naturalis; the Dutch Centre for Biodiversity.

The recording took place over a period of 10 weeks, where Marieke and Neeltje were assisted by animator Demian Geerlings and lighttechnician Steven Frederiks of SpotsUnlimited.
The foreground and background were recorded seperately using a greenscreen so that they could be used together later in the process.

After recording a period of 3 weeks followed with postproduction work including colorcorrection, rigremoval from the dolls, removing the greenscreen and putting all the recordings together.

The musicvideo premiered during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, where also all the sets used for the animation were showed.

Reloaded Videostill

Song: Reloaded by Baskerville
Written & Directed by: Marieke Verbiesen
DOP: Steven Frederickx
Puppetdesign: Neeltje Sprengers
Assisted by: Demian Geerlings Vincent de Gooijer Mieke Driessen
Intern: Angel De Haro
Making Off: Isha Kersten, Paul Segers
Thanks to: Ton Beetz Wiepko Oosterhuis Maaike Sietzema Maik Hagens Joan Dunham Jeff Williams
Tim van der Heijden Snode Vormgevers De Fabriek Eindhoven Plaza Futura BEK 1.0 Tax Videoclipfonds

Work in Progress pictures from the sets can be found here