An Introduction to Jamoma 0.5

Music Technology Computer Laboratory (MTCL), McGill University 20.08.2009 17.1520.08.2009 19.15


Several of the Jamoma developers are currently in Montreal to attend ICMC, after which they will have a 5 day Jamoma development workshop at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT). Prior to the workshop, there is an opportunity to learn directly from the developers about Jamoma’s structural approach and its use for real-time media performances and art-based research.

The presentation features:

  1. Fundamental ideas of Jamoma:
    • The need for a structured approach when working within media programming environments such as Max
    • The need for modularity, flexibility and reusability
  2. Working with Jamoma:
    • Modules & components
    • Communicating to and from modules
    • Ramping of parameters
    • How the concept of values and properties extends the possibilities for creative expression
    • Integrating sensor devices
    • Mapping between modules
    • Working with cues
  3. Creating custom modules:
    • Using the templates to create new modules
    • The Jamoma Interface Guidelines
    • Handling presets
    • Documentation
    • The UserLib
  4. Examples of scientific and artistic projects using Jamoma

Where: Music Technology Computer Laboratory (MTCL), 555, Sherbrooke Street West, East Wing, Room E230

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