All Lights on Solund

Hardbakke, Solund 15.11.2013 09.0017.11.2013 02.00


“All Lights on Solund” is an exciting and innovative project where creativity, artistic expression and lighting technology meet.
The frame is the distinctive Solund-nature and theme is how light can be used to create activities and experiences and simultaneously engage both the community and others been attached to the project.

The project aims to create three different, yet coherent results, which projects each of which is independent installations where the interaction between expression and technology will create a unified expression.

The areas that are pointed out in consultation with Solund Municipality, all the central area in the center of the municipality.
The 15th and the 16th of November there will be a lightfestival and seminar in Hardbakke in Solund. More information and full program at: