Ongoing Project by Kiyoshi Yamamoto

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The first project is a video production in collaboration with Margrethe Brekke for the Group exhibition called “Bergen reactive Bevegelse”.
The results you can find here

Secondy I have been working on a video about the industrial production of textile in Norway and Hebron Palestine. In may 2013 I visited the last Palestinian weaving mill in Hebron and captured a series of old weaving machines on video: they are maybe the last proof of local production. The images are very rough and hard to imagine.
Parallel with this, during the fall, I paid a visit to the most luxurious weaving mill in Norway, the only producer of textiles for National costumes and the main provider for cruise ships and other types of distribution.

The videos will be played in Reykjavik at the Nordic House as a part of “ The stitch project” a collaboration with seminar and symposium related to Nordic countries organized by the University of Lapland.

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Thirdly I have also been working on a series of digital composition (Picture and Gif) for VossaJazz festival that will be released in April 2014.