Glimpses from Touched by Sound workshop and Family day at BEK

BEK 16.03.2024 17.03.2024


This weekend BEK has been brimming with activity.

The workshop “Touched by Sound” with Boris Shershenkov took place in the project space on Saturday. The participants took inspiration from Michel Waisvisz’ archives and instruments, and made new instruments activated by touch. The workshop is part of New Perspectives for Action, part of Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union.

Children and adults filled the space on Sunday during the Family day at BEK. They got to make a lot of strange sounds with the new instruments from the workshop, and Shershenkov’s TapePuller. Karina Sletten and Boris Shershenkov showed how the instruments worked, and played alongside the kids. Issát Sámmol Hætta did a workshop where the kids could make their own Juoigganas-instrument. Thank you all for dropping by BEK for our family day in collaboration with Borealis – a festival for experimental music

Photos: 1-11) BEK 12-18) Frid Lilleskog Tronstad/Borealis