Fiskeboller i Karri

BEK 01.06.2009 00.0030.10.2009 00.00


Thorolf Thuestad from BEK is developing technical solutions for the touring exhibition “Fiskeboller i Karri” by Hanna Hilt.

Fiskeboller i karri is a part of Kulturminneåret 2009, The Norwegian Year of Cultural Heritage 2009, and the exhibition will be touring schools as part of The Cultural Rucksack (Den kulturelle skolesekken), a national programme for art and culture provided by professionals in Norwegian schools.

The exhibition is part of Hanna Hilt’s work as stipendiat at the department of design at the National Academy for Arts in Bergen. The project is supported by Hordaland Fylkeskommune, Bergen Komune, The Art Academy in Bergen and The National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme.