Evighetens avkom at Screen City Festival in Stavanger

Stavanger 25.10.2013 19.0027.10.2013 23.00


Evighetens avkom, a brand new video work by Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, will be shown on an outdoors window surface in Stavanger, during the Screen City Festival.

Anders uses the landscape as main character. In comparison to his last work, The Pyramidical Silence, where there was a clear linear narrative, an obvious beginning and an end, here he makes a circular structure, where the feeling of infinity rules. The work revolves around a research on circularity, eternal repetition, things that moves in circles…. (more)

The video work is comissioned by BEK and has been developed during a two months residency period. The screening is a cooperation between Screen City Festival and BEK. Thanks to curator Daniela Arriado and technician Julian Minde.

Here’s an interview Piya did with Anders half way through the making of the video: