BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts – is a not for profit, interdisciplinary resource centre for work within the field of art and technology. We promote professional development, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise through interdisciplinary collaboration and education. BEK’s main target group is professional artists within the fields of visual art, sound art, stage art and music.

Our main task is to establish and maintain contact between individual artists, artist groups, institutions and others. We create opportunities for professional development through conversation and knowledge/skills exchange. At BEK we are always interested in becoming acquainted with new artists and new art projects. We would love to hear from you!

BEK is involved in several large and ongoing projects:
Future DiverCities
Blind Spot
BEK Studio Sessions


BEK can advise individual artists, artist groups, galleries and cultural organizations at all stages of the creative process, right from the very first idea to completion. We offer project spaces and studios, as well as equipment rental. Read more about our services here.


BEK is one of the nodes associated with the national network PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Art in Norway. The national network functions as a meeting place where the nodes discuss current topics. It offers a contact point between the nodes and individual artists nationwide and internationally. PNEK initiates collaborative projects and profiles the electronic art field in Norway on an international level.

BEK is one of 10 partners in Future DiverCities, an incubator of cultural innovation and new creative practices. An important part of the work is a holistic programme of creative laboratories (LABs), hosted by the various partners in Europe and Canada. Future DiverCities is a four-year project supported by the Creative Europe Programme.

Research and Development

BEK contributes to the development of art practices that involve the use of technology-based solutions, in collaboration with research communities and arts organizations. Integrating electronics and technology into art projects requires specialized software solutions. We contribute to software development for spatialization and the real-time processing of audio, as well as programming applications for different interfaces. Read more about software development here.

Exhibitions and Events

We continuously initiate and develop our own art projects and collaborative projects, which in one way or another are shared with the public. An interdisciplinary way of thinking is fundamental to most of what we do. With this as a point of departure, we are involved in the development of visual art, sound art, music, new media, performance and stage art.

Competence Building

BEK advises artists and helps to find solutions to fit with your projects requirements. With knowledge of users’ wishes and needs, we offer education and foster skills competence through workshops, seminars, presentations and discussion.


BEK is organised as a foundation. Our board in 2017 is:

Marit Paasche (board leader)
Signe Lidén
Ørjan Drønen Madsen
Monika Sandnesmo
Espen Johansen (substitute)

Annual reports

The annual reports are in Norwegian only.

BEK receives operating grants from Arts Council Norway, The City of Bergen and Hordaland County.


Download our logotype and include it in your communication material about your project if BEK have granted you with studio time, project space, equipment and/or advice. Thank you for the cooperation! Different versions – use the one that suits your media product best. Click here/ BEK  Logo

Privacy Policy for BEK

Please read our privacy policy about how we treat data, and information about artists / practicioners and projects. Full Privacy Policy.

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