Reality-based Audio Workshop – Struer

Struer Tracks 2019, Struer, Danmark 23.09.2019 07.09.2019


Reality-based Audio Workshop will work experimentally with documentary audio recordings in Struer 23.08 – 07.09.2019 to create a new sound piece to be presented during Struer Tracks 2019. The group will address issues around ‘land use’ to highlight changes in the landscape that is happening because of our ever-increasing reliance on digital, global communications.

There is a widespread belief that information traffic is intangible. At the same time, this traffic is only possible through the establishment and development of a concrete, physical infrastructure and a huge consumption of energy. The facilities that enable the modern world communications network, such as data centers and wind farms, are often established outside the cities. Thus, the concrete changes in the landscape as a result of the intangible communication have gone unnoticed until now.

In Struer, Reality-based Audio Workshop is conducting a thematic study of the modern information society’s material “machine room”, and will investigate the consequences it has for the landscape.

Reality-based Audio Workshop is a group comprising of accomplished artists from Norway and internationally attempting to re-think the relationship between sound and reality in our time. The artists all use field recording as the core of their artistic practices, and approach a site armed with advanced recording technology from hydrophones to surround sound microphones. The recordings are then improvised and mixed collaboratively into a sound work.

Reality-based Audio Workshop in Struer builds on the experience that was made when the group visited the oil refinery at Mongstad in the fall of 2018. The result of the workshop was presented as a multi-channel audio cinema at Borealis spring 2019.

BEK’s advisor in art and technology Espen Sommer Eide participates in Reality-based Audio Workshop in Struer. Managing Director Lars Ove Toft participates in the Visitor Program and at the symposium Sound & Site // Sound Art & Site-Specificity 29 – 31 August.

Reality-based Audio Workshop in Struer is supported by Nordic Culture Point.
Struer Tracks 2019