Asbjørn Blokkum Flø : Analogue I – X

BEK 01.10.2010 00.0001.10.2011 00.00


The commisioned piece will be developed as two versions:

1: Concert version for four musicians who play electronic instruments.
Four musicians plays electronic instruments as well as various real-time processing / playback runs through max / msp. The musicians will have a background in electronic music improvisation to deal with the electronic sound material.

2: Multi-channel DVD audio version released on CD.
This is the version of the work that is written in terms of album release. Based on this version, the concert version will be composed.

In addition to this, a study documenting the entire musical process will be produced. This score will be a thorough documentation of all work methods, technical details and musical structures in the piece, and can be used both for studies of the work and analysis of the techniques.