Three Cities Project: Live Event – MUSA, Aberdeen

MUSA, Aberdeen 22.04.2012 19.3022.03.2012 23.00


This project involves the contribution, participation and experience from the three centres and will take place over a period of months, involving different communities from each country.

The main aim is for participants to learn about and engage with aural culture from each of the three areas through working with sound recordings. A secondary aim is to develop cultural links between the three areas.

One thing in common with all three cities is that they all are coastal, so it is natural to assume that people’s life in these cities must have always been influenced by the sea – like a large magnet, people must have always felt its omnipresence.

Part 1 of the project starts simply (by two Aberdeen-based composers working with one from the actual city where the recordings are being made) asking people in these three cities the direction to the sea. We will ask this question to people in various parts of each city so the answers will always be different, and of course, will be in the language of the inhabitant. Sound and image will be captured from these discussions and the subsequent travel from that position towards the sea. Three composers/sound artists will use a small head-mounted camcorder to collect video footage and a set of binaural microphones for sound capture. Each composer will start their journey from very different parts of the city to the sea by asking for directions.

An installation is then created that includes video and audio recorded in all three cities presented in sound festival 2011.

Part 2 of the project involves the in-country composer working with a community of their choice (children, students, general public, etc) using the sounds recorded in that country. Participants will create music and sound art using computers and sound transformation software with recordings that reflect a sense of place which can be transmitted through the medium of sound.

MUSA is located at 33 Exchange Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6PH.

Free – All Welcome!

In association with sound and the University of Aberdeen.