NIME 2011 – Call for participation

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11th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2011)

30 May – 1 June 2011, Oslo, Norway

We invite you to be part of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. The core purpose of the NIME conference is to present the latest results in design, development, performance and analysis of/for/with new interfaces/instruments for musical use. In 2011 we will put an extra emphasis on performance aspects related to NIME, something which will also be addressed in a symposium, workshops and master classes in the days leading up to the conference.

We invite for the following types of submissions (see below for details):

– Paper (oral/poster/demo)
– Performance
– Performance Plus Paper
– Installation/exhibition
– Workshop


SID exhibition proposals: 5 November 2010 (22:00 CET)
– Paper/performance/installation/workshop submission: 31 January 2011 (22:00 CET)
– Review notification: 18 March 2011
– Final paper deadline: 26 April 2011


– Novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression
– Novel musical instruments
– Augmented/hyper instruments
– Novel controllers for collaborative performance
– Interfaces for dance and physical expression
– Interactive game music
– Robotic music
– Interactive sound and multimedia installations
– Interactive sonification
– Sensor and actuator technologies
– Haptic and force feedback devices
– Interface protocols and data formats
– Motion, gesture and music
– Perceptual and cognitive issues
– Interactivity design and software tools
– Sonic interaction design
NIME intersecting with game design
– Musical mapping strategies
– Performance analysis
– Performance rendering and generative algorithms
– Machine learning in performance systems
– Experiences with novel interfaces in live performance and composition
– Surveys of past work and stimulating ideas for future research
– Historical studies in twentieth-century instrument design
– Experiences with novel interfaces in education and entertainment
– Reports on student projects in the framework of NIME related courses
– Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology
– Biological and bio-inspired systems
– Mobile music technologies
– Musical human-computer interaction
– Multimodal expressive interfaces
– Practice-based research approaches/methodologies/criticism


We welcome submissions on all above mentioned (and other) topics related to development and artistic use of new interfaces for musical expression. There are three different paper submission categories:

– Full paper (up to 6 pages in proceedings, longer oral presentation, optional demo)
– Short paper/poster (up to 4 pages in proceedings, shorter oral presentation or poster, optional demo)
– Demonstration (up to 2 pages in proceedings)

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Paper submission information


We welcome submission of pieces for three different types of performance venues:

– Concert hall performance
– Club performance
– Foyer “stunt” performance

Any type of NIME performance pieces are welcome, but we would particularly like to encourage the use of motion capture techniques in performance. For this we can make available several different types of motion capture systems (Qualisys, XSens, Optitrack, Mega). Network pieces and mobile music pieces are also encouraged. Within reasonable limits, we may be able to provide musicians to perform pieces.

Performance submission information


To support more cross-disciplinary work between scientific and artistic research, we highly encourage submission of performance pieces related to papers. Here the scientific presentation may be the basis for the artistic presentation, or vice versa.

Submissions within this category will have to be done for both the piece and the paper, with a clear note that paper and piece belongs together. Evaluation will be done on the combined quality of both submissions.


In connection with NIME 2011 an exhibition on sonic interaction design will be curated in collaboration with the EU COST IC0601 Action on Sonic Interaction Design (SID). For the exhibition we are looking for works using sonic interaction within arts, music and design as well as examples of sonification for research and artistic purposes. The exhibition will take place at the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine and run for three months over the summer 2011. We also aim to include works in public spaces to be presented at various locations in Oslo (possibly) for a shorter duration in parallel with NIME.

This is a curated exhibition, and there is a possibility for funding and assistance to be provided for selected artists. Note that there is an early deadline for submissions within this category (5 November). Further enquiries concerning the SID exhibition should be addressed to the curators (exhibition@nime2011.org).

In addition to the exhibition, we also call for installations to be presented during the NIME conference only. These may be foyer location installations or room-based installations.

Installation submission information


We call for short (3 hours) or long (6 hours) workshops and tutorials. These can be targeted towards specialist techniques, platforms, hardware, software or pedagogical topics for the advancement of fellow NIME-ers and people with experience related to the topic. They can also be targeted towards visitors to the NIME community, novices/newbies, interested student participants, people from other fields, and members of the public getting to know the potential of NIME.

Tutorial proposers should clearly indicate the audience and assumed knowledge of their intended participants to help us market to the appropriate audience. Workshops and tutorials can relate to, but are not limited to, the topics of the conference. This is a good opportunity to explore a specialized interest or interdisciplinary topic in depth with greater time for discourse, debate, collaboration.

Admission to workshops and tutorials will be charged separately from the main conference. Proposer(s) are responsible for publishing any workshop proceedings (if desired) and should engage in the promotion of their event amongst own networks. Workshops may be cancelled or combined if there is inadequate participation.

Workshop submission information

If you have any inquiries, please email us at post@nime2011.org. Please feel free to forward this message to others.

On behalf of the NIME 2011 committee,
Alexander Refsum Jensenius (University of Oslo)
Kjell Tore Innervik (Norwegian Academy of Music)