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BEK and more 17.12.2012 00.0031.01.2013 00.00


Since SuperCollider 3.5 HID support on OSX has been broken.

The source of the problem has to do with 64-bit integers used in the new HID framework in 64-bit environments, and SuperCollider’s inability to deal with 64 bit Integers. To fix this issue, a rewrite of the original implementation is needed with a bit of different approach in the backend, C++ primitive code.

At the same time, this is an opportunity to rewrite the implementation is such a way that the code will be cross-platform (OSX, Linux, Windows), by taking an example from other environments that implement HID (e.g. Chuck). Up to now, no SuperCollider developer has had the time to fix the issue.

Thanks to a donation campaign started in November 2012 we have been able to bring together enough money for one of SuperCollider’s developers to devote time to tackling this issue in the first month(s) of 2013.

There have been 31 individuals who donated amounts between 5 and 100 euro, and thanks to a generous contribution from BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts in support of the Modality project [3], we have more than reached the goal we initially set out for.

Marije Baalman is looking forward to working on this code in January! Thanks to all who contributed to the campaign!

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