When I am talking to you I am not talking to you, by Jingyi Wang

Stiftelsen 3,14 17.11.2016 19.0011.12.2016 00.00


The ancient spiritual experience of being somewhere other than where you are, and the feeling of not being present in what you do, has got a technological reality, warping and challenge in the internet. Internet can be said to offer increased integration and increased isolation. In the performance, different contrasts are set up, like the one between physical and virtual presence, but also between different cultural realities.

Jingyi Wang’s first performance was presented in spring 2015 as a part of BIT Teatergarasjen’s Intro series where local artists present suggestions for scenic projects for the future of the performing arts. The performance Static Theatre: Those That Have Been Left Behind dealt with how the people and places we have left behind still affect our lives, and presented static theatre as a concept: a mixture of the surfaces in visual art and theatre’s play with time. The performance was recently invited to be part of the Nanluguxiang Performing Arts festival in Jingy’s birthplace Beijing.

Direction, curation and text: Jingyi Wang. Stage- og light design: Leo Preston. Video art and and film editing: Yafei Qi. Live camera: Elias Björn. Programming: Robert Fohlin. With art works by: Håkon Holm Olsen, Helene Norseth, Nina Bang Larsen, Lona Hansen, Gabriel Johann Kvendseth, Sarah Jost, Lasse Årikstad og Egil Paulsen.

Co-produced by BEK in collaboration with BIT Teatergarasjen, Stiftelsen 3,14 and Wrap.