VPT workshop

BEK,BEK,BEK 06.12.2010 10.0006.12.2010 16.00


VPT is a tool for projection of video on specifically defined forms. By using a special masking technique, one can define where you want the image to appear. The program is very versatile and suitable for a lot; video installations, playback or live editing of video in performances, and live VJ.

The workshop lasts for 3 days and is open to all participants. We start Monday the 6th at 10 am in BEKs project room.

After the workshop is over, HC Gilje and Timm Ringewaldt will continue to develop the VPT. This is the first step towards the creation of a VPT – developer group, an effort that BEK happily will continue to observe and support.

About VPT:
The software, built in max/msp with jitter from cycling74, is made to work for both max osX and windows xp/vista. It works with 16 layers of video which can be placed in a 3D space (openGL). Each layer can be scaled, positioned, rotated, distorted, tinted and masked individually, and accept quicktime video files, live camera feed and a live drawing tool as sources.

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