Viva Voce Victoria Johnson

Norsk musikkhøgskole 21.06.2011 11.0021.06.2011 13.00


Victoria Johnson has explored the expressive possibilities of the electric violin, and accumulated knowledge and experience with electronic sound processing and control of electronic processing in live performance.

The close dialogue with composers has led to a blurring of roles between the composer and performer. Johnson has worked extensively in a field of tension between improvisation, composition and electronics, in collaboration with composers who have wanted to work procedural and inclusive.

It has also been central to the project to experiment with the performance situation, through cooperation with video artists, and by presenting works not only in traditional concerts, but also other venues and arenas.

Opponents: Anna Lindal and Wayne Siegel
Commission Chairman: Live Maria Roggen
Charing the viva voce: Erik Birkeland

Supervisor: Ivar Frounberg, Norwegian Academy of Music
Assistant supervisor: Lei Cox, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Assistant supervisor: Trond Lossius, BEK