Renovation and temporary closing of BEK

BEK 15.08.2018 15.12.2018


Dear user of BEK

To our great pleasure and relief, BEK has been granted a total of 1,200,000 from Rom for kunst after several years of pre-project work, to completely renovate and modernize BEK. This will be a comprehensive operation that affects our services to the users.

During the period 15th of August to 15th of December, no studios, project rooms or equipment will be available.

During the period, our staff will provide advice and guidance on art and technology projects, and will gladly assist projects in this way.

Our website will be our window to the world, but we will be in temporary office space in Bergen and be available for meetings and consulting by appointment.

The Arcitects 3RW has developed the plans for the renovation in cooperation with us and will follow up the construction project, and OBAS will be the entrepreneur. They are both meritorious companies we are very happy to work with.

After the renovation we will be able to offer new upgraded rooms adapted to visual and auditory art and technology development and dissemination. With these new solutions BEK will be more adapted to our core duties – the development of art and technology in collaboration with artists, musicians, festivals and venues locally, nationally and internationally! New routines for using BEK’s services and facilities will also be developed towards the opening. More information about BEK 2.0 will be announced online!

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