Borggården USF

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Mattias Arvastsson – Offset Variations: 11 – 20 October.
Maria Øy Lojo – Ripple: 21 – 29 October.

The first one is Mattias Arvastsson, who newly graduated with a master degree in arts at KHIB. His contribution is a mixture of video and sculpture and is titled “Offset Variations”. The title refers to a series of experiments with shifting of projected surfaces.

Perhaps Mattias’ work “Creating Presence” is known to some from the latest master exhibition, where his art work also took shape in the encounter between the solid sculptural elements and fluid video surfaces. These meetings between the transitory nature of video sequences and the static objects is what he is now developing further. Borggården’s spatial form characterize the work, as the meeting point of the parameters are defined by the place where they appear.

Maria Øy Lojo is next, with her work “Ripple”. She works with liquid materials that has a distinctive presence, yet elusive mass, such as light, sound and movement. Her works are usually based on specific rooms and often allude to a theatrical expression.

Maria Øy Lojo’s previous work at USF was “The Mirror Stage” in 2009, a video installation in which the armature in one of the light poles on the pier was replaced with a projector. This way to burst frames in what we normally associate with video projection is one of the characteristics of Maria’s way of working.

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