Bjørnar Habbestad: Residency at GMEA in Albi, France

GMEA, Centre National de Création Musicale,GMEA, Centre National de Création Musicale 09.11.2009 09.0013.11.2009 18.00


The cultural exchange between BEK and GMEA is a continuation and extension on the joint development of Jamoma between BEK, GMEA and other partners.

Bjørnar Habbestad and Pascal Baltazar has been commissioned to create a piece for flute, interfaces, and live electronics, to be performed by:

  • Bjørnar Habbestad : Flute and electronics
  • Pascal Baltazar : Gestural electroacoustic instrument
  • Benjamin Maumus : Live sound projection

The work will develop through a series of residencies in Bergen and Albi:

  • BEK, Bergen, March 21t-25th 2009
  • GMEA, Albi, November 9th-13th 2009
  • GMEA, Albi, December 7th-11th 2009
  • BEK, Bergen, to be scheduled (2010)

Several concerts are scheduled as part of the process:

  • Borealis festival, Bergen, Norway, March 25th 2009 : Initial encounter improvised concert
  • Borealis OutHear, King’s place, London, UK, January 25th 2010 :
  • Journées Électriques Festival, Albi, France, March 27th, 2010
  • Borealis festival, Bergen, Norway, March 2011 (premiere)

The work is jointly commissioned by BEK and GMEA in collaboration with Borealis festival, with support from the Norwegian Arts Council, the French State and the Municipality of Bergen.