MOD/ALL workshop

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Year after year, decade after decade, new technological innovations have enabled composers and musicians to enhance their craft, and nowadays there are almost countless options to examine and explore. Each new plugin promises new sonic universes to get lost in. Each new synthesizer claim to be sounding fresher than the last. Technology has made the impossible seem possible, the unreachable within reach. There is however some aspects that tend to get overlooked in the process.

What exactly is the impossible? Where is the artistic goal hidden in all the possibilities of technology?

Discussion 1: Bridges and Walls
18th of January, 19:00 – 22:00
BEK, Project space 1

The MOD/ALL project will start in the new year with a discussion on the metaphor of technology as a «bridge», enabling you to reach new grounds of expression, or technology as a “wall”, separating the performers and audiences.

We will dive into topics such as:
– Showing or hiding technology
– Implementing effort
– Technology as a “black box” (where everything is possible)
– The laptop… Instrument, toolbox, both, neither?
– Developing instruments and developing virtuosity
– Virtual and tactile expressions

Feel free to talk about your own experiences and ask all of the questions that boil up as we go!

MOD/ALL invites artists of all disciplines that use technology in a live creative setting to join. For further questions and to sign up for the series, contact Lars Ove Toft at


The MOD/ALL project is going to address exactly that, by diving into the questions of the artistic purpose of technology. Through practical work and experiments we will develop our artistic visions.

– How does the technology you use relate to the artistic ideas you’re trying to get across?
– At what point is technology helping and when is it getting in the way?
– What software is making you sound like you?
– Which controllers or instruments enable you to express yourself?

MOD/ALL will kick off with a series of discussion nights in which we will examine the questions above and many more. Slowly talking our way towards new concepts that will take artistic expression as it’s focus, using technology as a tool to make it into a reality. Finally the results will be showcased through demos and performances!

MOD/ALL invites artists of all disciplines that use technology in a live creative setting to join.

On December 1st we invite you to join the launch of MOD/ALL. From 14.00 – 16.00 we will inform about the workshops and give some demonstrations, and light refreshments will be served.

Discussion 1: Bridges and Walls
18th of January 2018, 19:00 – 22:00

MOD/ALL will be led by Tijs Ham. Tijs started his artistic career in the visual arts but soon moved to music and sound art. Using the moniker Tapage he has released many EP’s and albums on a wide range of record labels. He is the co-founder of the Soundlings Collective and has been instrumental in setting up the Think Tank Meetups, which discusses many topics related to arts and technology. For the past years Tijs has been active as an organizer for STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) while being involved in many sound related projects. He regularly performs onstage, both solo and as part of the trio The Void*, playing his custom-built instruments based on feedback and recursion.