Selvpresentasjon ved Terry Flaxton

Hordaland kunstsenter 15.09.2009 19.0015.09.2009 21.00


Terry Flaxton kommer til Bergen for å holde en workshop for masterstudentene på KHIB i HD (high definition) Video Production,
der han fokuserer på både praktiske og teoretiske aspekt. På HKS vil han presentere sitt kunstneriske virke, og vise frem ulike utdrag
fra sine arbeider.


Prior to his AHRC Fellowship at Bristol University he was a cinematographer, educator and artist. As a cinematographer he shot 4 feature films, one of which was nominated for a Prix Italia. As an artist his work has been seen at international festivals, galleries and museums around the world. As an educator he has taught at various UK universities including University of Westminster, Bath Spa University, University of the West of England, Goldsmiths and the University of Dundee (where I am an Honorary Lecturer). He is currently a Visiting Fellow in High Definition Imaging at Bath Spa University.

His latest peer-reviewed article is, Time and Resolution and the High Resolution Image, published in the June 2009 issue of the Journal of Media Practice.

His latest paper, The Concept of Colour Space, addressed from the Practitioners Standpoint was presented at Bristol University’s Colour and the Moving Image Conference, July 2009.

His latest Installations: Portraits of the Somerset Carnivals is currently at the Somerset Museum of Rural Life, and In Other People’s Skins is coming to the Basilica of Saint Ambrogio ,in Milan in Autumn 2009 – next Spring the same work shows at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York.

His latest tour of artworks was through 7 cathedrals in the UK in 2008.

He made his first video work in 1976 and many can be accessed at the following web address:

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