Selvpresentasjon – Trond Lossius

MUU galleria - Helsinki, Finland 11.01.2010 17.0011.01.2010 19.00


Trond Lossius is a sound and installation artist living in Bergen, Norway. He has collaborated with other artists on a large number of cross-disciplinary projects, in particular sound installations and works for stage. His projects has been presented at major venues in Norway and abroad.

He graduated with a master degree in geophysics from the University of Bergen, and went on to study music and composition at The Grieg Academy. Trond Lossius is currently art director of BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, Associate Professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and member of the Management committee of an European research project on Sonic Interaction Design.

Trond Lossius will talk about his recent works with a focus on sound installations using Max/MSP program, such as: Imploding Spaces, a multichannel sound installation at Fjell fortress built by the German occupation forces during World War II and Cubic Second, an audio-visual installation, exploring the gallery space as a venue for audio-visual experience.

The Artists Talk by Trond Lossius is part of an Interactive Sound art class organized by Muu Media Base, from December 2009 until March 2010. The course is focusing on sound and installation using Max/MSP software.

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Supported by AVEK

Part of the Audio Autograph program, with an aim to promote contemporary sound artists and their collaborative projects. Recent activities include Net Radio (since June 2009), the CD-publication MUU FOR EARS (september 2009) and collaboration with Kunstforeningen in Tromsø at Insomnia festival (October 2009).

Audio Autographs is supported by: Nordic Culture Point and Arts Council of Finland.