Khib, C Sundtsgate 55, 8th Floor 24.04.2013 18.0024.04.2013 20.00


The Public Square as Resistance Platform: On the Silent Stand, Tahrir Square and the Eros Effect. In this short performance lecture Frans Jacobi is looking at the 2011 uprising in Egypt as the matrix of a new wave of public protest, using public space as a performative platform for political engagement.

Architecture of Revolt: is a project by operating the overlapping territories of security architecture and public space as a stage of political expression. By learning from the self-organized strategies that were developed during the revolution in Egypt 2011 on Tahrir Square, and the new field of urbanism created by security architecture and fear of terrorism, Rubing and Bolstad seeked to explore different strategy for reconstructing Regjeringskvartalet.

A sculpture for the words and rhetoric of Lefebvre: Work by Anne
Marthe Dyvi.

Symphony of Sirens: Balci, Gjertsen and Lidén have digged into the history of music and rhythms of revolt.