Residency: Hobbs/Neustetter

USF Verftet 17.05.2010 00.0009.06.2010 00.00


Hobbs/Neustetter’s sustained preoccupation with connectivity and
communication in site specific situations, finds them regressing to a time when Norway’s islands were connected less by bridges and more by good faith.

Hence the artists most current mapping project will involve traversing a group of islands in Austevoll, Norway. An anticipated 10 day camping, hiking and boating exercise will serve as the artists process of encountering and collecting particular experiences pertaining
to right of access.

The ephemeral nature of interventions of this kind, often only realise their material form after the completion of the intervention, hence the artists contribution to 3’14 Gallery is at this point a work in progress.

Utstillingen på Galleri 3,14 åpner 4. juni og holder åpent fram til 8. august. Den er støttet av Norsk kulturråd, Bergen kommune og OCA.

Gjestekunstoppholdet er støttet av Bergen kommune.