Natasha Barrett på SMC 2013

SMC13 (Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013), Stockholm 30.07.2013 10.0003.08.2013 20.00


SMAC Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference 2013
SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013

The composition Hidden Values has been accepted for presentation at SMC13. The work is a three-part higher order ambisonics composition and is the result of an artist research residency at IRCAM. The aims were to evaluate the practical, perceptual and compositional use of higher order ambisonics pushing the existing methods to their extremes in artistic practice.

The following technical methods were used:

  • Very high order synthesised ambisonics sound-fields in 2D up to 12th order.
  • 3D up to 9th order, near-field compensated higher order ambisonics.
  • Higher-order recorded sound-fields using the EigenMike as well as b-format recorded sources.
  • 360 degrees wave-field synthesis.

The following musical areas were investigated using the technical methods above:

  • Distance information.
  • Enhanced spatial precision.
  • Detailed recorded sound-fields to capture accurate real-world spatial relationships.
  • The control of sound points, motions and masses in relation to both timbre and ‘extra-musical’ meaning.

The conference is a double event combining the SMAC Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference 2013 and the SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013, bridging science and art in the field of Sound and Music Computing.