Lydgalleriet 13.04.2012 20.0013.04.2012 22.00


Trond Lossius and Joonas Siren will play short concerts from 2000.

The new CD Compilation “MUU FOR EARS 9″ explores the sound art and experimental music scenes in Finland and Norway. The compilation contains a wide range of material, including field recordings, sound installations, experimental musical improvisations, remix and sample compositions and live recordings.

The artists on MUU FOR EARS 9 are Child Of Klang, Hemmelig Tempo, Trond Lossius and Marieke Verbiesen from Norway, with Mikko Maasalo, Aleksi Myllykoski/Urban Dark Ensemble, Antti Nykyri and Joonas Siren/Younghusband from Finland.

MUU FOR EARS Event at Lydgalleriet in Bergen offers a unique opportunity to experience new innovative music and sound art. During the event following artists from the CD compilation will perform: Trond Lossius and Joonas Siren.

Trond Lossius is a sound and installation artist based in Bergen. His work is a continuous exploration of sound in space. He is educated in geophysics, music composition and sound art, and combines artistic practice and research with software development.

Joonas Siren is a Helsinki-based aural/visual artist. He often works with sound and uses it in many different ways and contexts. His visual works are often located within the fields of digital art, installation and site-specific art.

The event is organised by Artists’ Association MUU in cooperation with Lydgalleriet in Bergen.

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. The aims of Muu are to develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the Muu (”the Other”) art fields and to arouse cultural political discussion.