Mayhem Machine på ADE Sound Lab

ADE Sound Lab, Amsterdam 18.10.2017 22.10.2017


Marieke Verbiesen viser installasjonen Mayhem Machine under ADE Sound Lab i Amsterdam. I en Q&A vil hun presentere dette og flere andre prosjekter, og snakke om teknologien hun utvikler.


About Mayhem Machine

«Mayhem Machine is an interactive instrument that produces synchronised sound, light and animation compositions, controlled by the audience via a custommade interface. The installation features instruments that can be used to control a symbiotic set of animations and sounds, and offers tools to further enhance the audiovisual compositions made by its users.
Mayhem machine is designed for interaction, the audience can use its playful tools to invoke “mayhem”. The machine aims to challenge its users to experience audiovisual compositions through a variety of tools designed for both construction and deconstruction, using playful forms of interaction.»

Text about Mayhem Machine from Marieke’s website, read more here. 


About ADE Sound Lab

De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam will form the hive of high-end, musical craftsmanship as it houses this year’s Sound Lab, as part of ADE’s Playground program. Aimed towards the budding creatives, the Sound Lab will be filled with some of the latest music technological advances and the leading innovative brands when it comes to performance or production needs. Sound Lab will also be staffed by experts to help, advise and display the performance capacities of the showcased wares, allowing the audience to test-run the latest in music technology. Next to showcasing experimental installations, there will be showcases and talks by Binkbeats, Tiga, Nina Kraviz, Kypski, Jameszoo & Philip Glass.

Read more about ADE Sound Lab here.

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Images from ADE Sound Lab’s website.