Kunstnerpresentasjon: Laurie Amat

BEK 09.02.2018 15.0009.02.2018 16.00


Den anerkjente vokalisten, improvisasjonskunstneren, eksperimentelle komponisten og læreren Laurie Amat besøker BEK fredag 9. februar. Hun vil gi oss en presentasjon av arbeidet sitt, som hun har kalt «Laurie Amat: Muse, Collaborator, Beta tester – Finding my true voice through a life of collaborative music making».

Presentasjonen begynner kl. 15.00, og det blir servert forfriskninger fra kl. 14.30. Gratis inngang, og dere er alle invitert. Velkommen!

About Laurie Amat

Laurie Amat (US) explores the vast possibilities of human sound, using the power of pure voice, breath and body to express visceral human emotion and story. She performs and records site-specific architectural and electronic improvisational works in cisterns, concrete overpasses, and venues such as Museo di Santa Giulia (IT), Bergen Arkitektskole (NO), DeYoung Museum (SF), and the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel.

Amat also continues to break even more boundaries with her use of simple electronics to create angelic choirs and voice based industrial sound pieces. Her reputation for fearless exploration in sound and performance has resulted in many equally adventurous collaboration projects, such as her work with computer music pioneer Max Mathews at Stanford CCRMA and San Francisco, where from 1995 until his death in 2011 she worked with established tech such as the Radio Baton, and also collaborated and performed in the development of his experimental Tunable Phaser Filter System. Amat has also appeared on multiple recording and performing projects with San Francisco Avant-Garde legends The Residents.

Amat’s present collaborators include Bergen based Sonisk Blodbad, the DaDa duo Shores of Latency w/Emmanuel Reveneau (FR), and Flos (IT). She is a curating artist at Providence’s AS220, the Artistic Director of the Providence Y2K International Live Looping Festival (PVD Loop).

Learn more about Laurie Amat on her website here, and on Soundcloud here.