Kunstnerpresentasjon av Maria Øy Lojo: Et midlertidig møte (work in progress)

BEK 30.04.2017 15.0030.04.2017 18.00


Denne uken har Maria Øy Lojo arbeidet i BEKs prosjektrom med prosjektet Et midlertidig møte. Hun har prosessert opptak blant annet fra metroen i Berlin, til det som skal bli en stedsspesifikk og interaktiv videoinstallasjon.

Vi er glade for at Maria vil presentere arbeidet med prosjektet her på BEK. Installasjonen kan ses mellom kl 15.00 og 18.00 – kom og ta en titt, få en drink og slå av en prat!

Larger transport stations always strike me as fascinating; A constant movement in several, determined directions. If enough people are in gathered movement, it can sometimes look as if they´re almost digging out the tunnels they´re moving through. Metro sounds is also something I’m drawn to; A means of transport that by audio gives a clear expression of its mechanical construction, and the sound of people with a flow coinciding their own transfer through the spaces.

You don’t rest here. At the same time, there’s not much else to do while waiting for the next train. A waiting room in motion. Some arrive, some leave. You move here to move faster.»

Maria Øy Lojo is a Bergen-based artist working primarily with video as medium. Her education is from Bergen Academy of Art and Glasgow School of Art with background in classical sculpture and drawing, cinematic grammar, performance, contemporary dance and choreography.

Her research concentrates much around science, silent knowledge and the human body, such as biologically inherited and culturally determined movement.

Øy Lojo works with space as perceptual building sites by creating small relocations. She does this through a visual choreography, often in parts of the room that are challenging or impossible to physically approach and reside in. The videos tends to use manipulated elements from the space being projected upon and the artist lets the projection and the space approach a near super-composing state, often with hyper-aesthetics in focus. She seeks to make the works as extensions of their designated spaces, or let spaces tell stories of other spaces, always aiming to give the site new dimensions of space, time and presence.