Klunks: Hollow Scenes

Hush Hush Records 18.11.2016 09.0028.11.2016 09.00


‘Hollow Scenes’ marks the sophomore release from Norwegian electronic producer Klunks and serves as a follow-up to his 2015 debut release ‘Elastic Forest.’ Exploring a vast and unpredictable sound spectrum over 11 diverse tracks, ‘Hollow Scenes’ once again showcases Klunks’ elaborately detailed and impressively intricate sonic aesthetic. Led by an affinity for acousmatic contemplations, designed specifically for intimate headphone sessions, the album features precisely deconstructed found sounds perfectly spliced through a maze of manipulated instrumentation, shards of vocal samples, lush atmospherics, and cerebral drum work. The spacious leftfield downtempo vibes of ‘Elastic Forest’ are still present, yet ‘Hollow Scenes’ is wonderfully enhanced by an experimental jazz streak, with robust saxophones lines frequently soaring triumphantly above the enveloping backdrops. At times agitated and chaotic, but also deeply embedded in sensitive sonic gesticulation and engaging electronic improvisation, ‘Hollow Scenes’ is an intoxicating evolution in Klunks’ unraveling sonic vision, yielding an immediately thrilling listening experience that offers deep rewards upon multiple listens.