Sonarc game beta event, with Espen Sommer Eide and Stian Remvik

BEK - Sonarc 24.01.2020 13.0024.01.2020


Sonarc is an artistic computer game based on the manipulation of sound in a 3D landscape. In an “open world” structure, sound objects can be manipulated in different ways and put together into music and sound collections, as well as being the starting point for creating tasks that need to be solved.

BEK’s faithful co-workers Espen Sommer Eide and Stian Remvik have developed a prototype for a game in Unity that explores various possibilities within the basic idea. Many attempts have been made and many rejected during the process, but they now have a prototype ready showing some of the mechanics they have chosen to work on. Now they need your help to test out the game and give them some feedback!

The game will be playable on big screen at BEK Friday January 24 with 5.1 surround sound!
Have lunch while waiting for your turn!

Espen Sommer Eide

Espen Sommer Eide (1972) is a composer and artist based in Bergen. Using music and sound as both method and medium, his artistic practice involves long­ term engagement with specific landscapes, archives, languages and rhythms, with an experimental approach to local and embodied knowledge. In addition to installa­ tion and performances, he has been a prominent representative of experimental electronic music from Norway, with main projects Alog and Phonophani, and a string of releases on the labels such as Rune Grammofon, FatCat and Hubro.

Espen’s website

Stian Remvik

Stian Remvik is a game developer and programmer, and has since 2013 been affiliated with BEK on a freelance basis. Remvik graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design (2010), and has acquired knowledge and experience of programming and implementing technical solutions in art projects through his involvement with BEK. In 2018 he launched the game GumGun, and in recent years he has developed and shown his own computer animations in exhibitions. Remvik has developed several apps, including BITWaves for BIT20 Ensemble and an app for the performance Post-Capitalistic Auction, and in the near future the app for Siljustøl at KODE – Museum and Composer Homes in Bergen will be launched.

Stian’s website

Opening Week BEK 2020

When BEK opened its newly renovated premises in 2019, we did so with a number of events during the opening weeks. We think this was so fun that we are happy to open 2020 with a new opening week! This year we will be inviting you again to a series of presentations, workshops and concerts January 20 – 28! See the full programme here.