Reprogrammering av Knut Vaage’s Elektra

BEK 06.10.2011 10.0007.10.2011 16.00


The new version will take advantage of development in hardware, software, knowledge and skills over the intermittent years. The development process will result in a redistributable version, making the piece accessable to other performers.

Ellen Røed created the video accompanying performances of Electra. The work has been performed as a solo version in numerous concerts in Norway and abroad, and has become a reference work for electric violin. It has been performed with the video on Norwegian Music Academy in February 2008, on the roof of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet in spring 2009 , and was transformed into an installation at Lydgalleriet in Bergen in 2009. It was also performed at the final concert of Victoria Johnson’s research fellowship in the arts at Norwegian Music Academy, and as part of the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2011 in Padova.

The restoration is funded by BEK and TONO.