Listening lunch with Brita UT

BEK 19.12.2018 13.0019.12.2018 14.00


Come and listen to what Brita UT has been working on during her work residency in BEK’s sound studio! Light refreshments.

Brita Urstad Toft is a third year student at British & Irish Modern Music Institute, BIMM, in Berlin, working on her Bachelor Project. Song is her main instrument, with Music Production as part of the study programme. Urstad Toft works in Abelton Live, both producing her own music, and performing live where other people are contributing with the visuals (amongst other her sister Andrea Urstad Toft). The overall plan for her Bachelor Project is to present Brita UT as a complete and cohesive artist by the graduation of BIMM. This includes an EP with self-produced electronic music with lead vocals, a live-set/ stage performance and a music video. The main inspiration and topic research will be women who produce- and perform electronic music.

Check out Brita UT at SoundCloud.