Artikkel om automatisert testing i Jamoma på SMC 2012

Sound and Music Computing Conference, Copenhagen 11.07.2012 10.0014.07.2012 20.00


Sound And Music Computing Conference 2012


Software development benefits from systematic testing with respect to implementation, optimization, and maintenance. Automated testing makes it easy to execute a large number of tests efficiently on a regular basis, leading to faster development and more reliable software. Systematic testing is not widely adopted within the computer music community, where software patches tend to be continuously modified and optimized during a project. Consequently, bugs are often discovered during rehearsal or performance, resulting in literal “show stoppers”. This paper presents a testing environment for computer music systems, first developed for the Jamoma framework and Max. The testing environment works with Max 5 and 6, is independ from any 3rd-party objects, and can be used with non-Jamoma patches as well.

Artikkelen vil bli gjort tilgjengelig for nedlasting når konferansen finner sted.