Torn Tracks: Lansering av plattform

Visningsrommet USF, Verftet 07.11.2017 14.0007.11.2017 21.00


7.november lanseres et nytt trinn i Jiska Huizings (NL) prosjekt Torn Tracks på Visningsrommet USF. Med hjelp fra BEK har Jiska utviklet den første versjonen av en digital interaktiv plattform. Plattformen byr på ulike måter å søke og organisere den samlingen av spor og lyder som danner grunnlaget for prosjektet. 

Merk: Performance kl. 19.00

Torn Tracks
is based on a collection of a growing amount of tracks that do not have one final, fixed form. They can exist in various forms at the same time, be it one made in the studio, performed live or a field recording, and the possibility of them being re-recorded, replaced or taken away over time is never excluded. The sounds for the tracks are recorded from Huizing’s immediate surroundings, often on walks, and sometimes combined with sounds of her voice and electric violin. They balance between music and sound art, playing with elements of both.

Through the platform that is launched at USF, visitors can search and wander through the
collection of tracks in different ways, each of them changing which tracks show up, in which order and how. The tracks create each other’s context. By categorizing them in different ways, various contexts are created and consequently various options for how they can be heard and perceived.

Torn Tracks
is supported by BEK, Bergen Municipality and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.

More about the launch at Visningsrommet USF.
Jiska Huizing’s website.