Playful Interventions at Østre Hus for Lydkunst

Oestre Hus for LYdkunst 23.06.2016 16.0024.06.2016 16.00


On the 23. of June, “Playful Interventions” will show both sound installation and live performances revolving around sound at Østre Hus for Lydkunst.

23. JUNI

An evening with sound installations & live performance revolving
around playful use of sound at Østre Hus for Lydkunst.

Marieke Verbiesen
-Njål Leinan Clementsen

-Mattias Arvastsson

-Gabriel Martiotti

LIVE from 21:00
Tijs Ham

-Njål Leinan Clementsen

Helene Rickhard

Dutch snacks!

FRA KL. 19:00


Sound installations
New soundinstallations by
Mattias Arvastsson, Marieke Verbiesen, & Njål Leinan Clementsen,
that revolve around playful use of sound.
Live Performance: Njål Clementsen
Njål Leinan Clementsen has been active in various bands, and makes soundinstallations. At Playful interventions he will do a combined installation / liveperformance centered around sound.

Live Performance: Tijs Ham
Tijs Hams performance ‘States’ investigates the balance between controlling or playing these processes and letting go. Allowing the complex structures to collapse into their own states of being. To let go of the steering wheel.
Videoworks: Gabriele Mariotti
Italian Gabriele Mariotti will document the evening and show some of his cinematic audiovisual works, short films & videoclips.

DJ: Helene Rickhard
DJ Helene Rickhard mixes vinyl records ranging everything from strange beats by artists
from the 80s, digitalo, neofunk and other heard or unheard of genre´s.
She regularly dj´s at Oslo´s “Club Cosmic”.