Maia Urstad på Barents Spektakel

Thon Hotel, Kirkenes 07.02.2015 10.0007.02.2015 11.00


[extract from the Barents Spektakel Program]

A radio performance by Maia Urstad (NO)
Saturday 11:00 – 12:00
Are you on FM or AM?

A kitchen-radio is the most accessible machine to travel in time and space. “Hello, this is Munich FM 90,3” Turn the wheel back and we are two hours further in Moscow. Spending time with a radio means to discover languages we`ve never heard, information we`ll never understand, voices we`ll never meet, discussions we’ll never join.

Who listens to FM and who prefers AM? Is a radio a one-sided information tool or is it used for two-way communication?

The audio and visual artist, Maia Urstad, travels all over the world to catch the sound of radios, transmitters, radio amateurs and operators. In combination with a special technique and 20 performers she presents a site-specific performance for the Norwegian-Russian borderland during Barents Spektakel 2015.

Radio Barents – a radio performance will be performed during the Visual Art Seminar. Open to the public.

Production: Pikene på Broen
Photo: Maia Urstad