Lag visuals med en Commodore 64 Workshop

BEK 04.10.2014 12.0004.10.2014 17.00


Saturday 4th October
kl 12:00 – 17:00
by Raquel Meyers

Create music and visuals focus on 8 bit aesthetics.
Raquel Meyers will show how to use the famous Commodore 64 for making illustrations, animations and use of live performance.

This workshop teaches you how to use these tools like Ascii and Petscii, languages used on the C64.

The purpose of the workshop is to find new ways of expression in these unique tools that are often misunderstood as limiting and difficult. New ideas don’t require new technologies. In fact, old technologies often spawn new procedures, ideas, styles and goals.

No previous experience is necessary and it is sufficient to bring a standard laptop. The goal of the workshop is that the participants make a music video or a live performance together.


The workshop is free! To join, send email to marieke@bek.no

The workshop is part of the project Sonic Game Space, supported by Art Counci Norway and Bergen kommune.