Exploring Voiceland: Kunstneropphold og presentasjon

BEK 13.10.2016 00.0024.10.2016 00.00


In september this year, scenographer and director Mareike Dobewall and composer Gisli Gretarsson, have experimented with spatial composition together with the Icelandic choir Hymnodia in Akureyri, Iceland. From 13th to 24th of October they will expand their practical research of the spatial composition of 17 voices during a residency at BEK. At the end of their residency they will share their findings in an artist talk and discuss the future of their project Voiceland. This pre-project was funded by Art Council Norway.

About the artists

Mareike Dobewall (1984) has both theoretical and practical training as director and scenographer (Kaskeline Filmakademie, Norwegian Theatre Academy). She has worked with film, theatre, dance, opera and installation art. In the past years she has put a main focus on the qualities of sound in life art.
Mareike Dobewall’s website

Gísli Grétarsson (1983) is originally educated as classic guitarist. That lead on to undergraduate and graduate studies in composition, with orchestral conducting as minor subjects, at Piteå College of Music in 2012. His work ranges from operas, song cycles, concertos, choral music, to orchestral work.
Gísli Grétarsson’s website

Hymnodia is a progressive chamber choir from Iceland that specializes in modern choir music and baroque music. The choir has 17 members. Hymnodia is characterized by an emphasis on the performance of demanding works and makes frequent use of improvisation in concerts.
Hymnodia’s website