Work Residency: Morten Poulsen

BEK 01.04.2019 30.04.2019
BEK - Presentation 12.04.2019 12.0012.04.2019 13.00
B-open at BEK 27.04.2019 12.0027.04.2019 17.00


During the residency at BEK, Morten will be working on a new series of sound works titled Phantoms on the threshold of perception. In the sound studio he will develop variations of the compositions to prepare them for both live presentation and installation. There will be open sessions and presentations of the concepts which will be open for public. 

First presentation will be on Friday 12th of April at 12.00 – 13.00 at BEK.
Open studio during B-open on Saturday April 27th from 12.00 – 17.00

Presentation Friday 12th of April
Come and spend your lunch break in low frequency pillows! On this Friday noon, Morten will tell about his thoughts and considerations behind Phantoms on the threshold of perception, and present some of the preliminary compositions in this body of sound pieces that will be compiled into a in single work during the second half of Morten’s residency at BEK. Every one is welcome.

Phantoms on the threshold of perception is the title of a new series of sound works that seeks to explore deep listening by the creation of textural sonic atmospheres that contain frequencies and dynamics on the edge of our auditory perception, crossing into the field of tactile perception. Within these compositions will be an investigation into sounds blurred in such a way that the listener will be doubting whether what is heard is from the composition, whether it is from their own immediate surroundings or a sound imagined, pointing towards the listeners sense of self. Many of the compositions utilizes very low frequency sound, based on field recordings from Athens, where Morten listened and recorded through a low pass filter, mimicking an ear condition he had as a child.

Photo: Kristian Hertoft

About Morten Poulsen

Sound artist, composer and drummer Morten Poulsen has, with a background in improvised music, pursued his interest in sounds and our relation to them, through a wide variety of formats. Since 2014, Morten has released several works through his own record label Outrovaert, including the audiovisual internet-based, made performances that seek to break with traditional concert formats in the DADADOIT series, created sound installations like Sub at The Nature Summit 2018. Often working in interdisciplinary collaborations, he created the audiovisual concert Atmosphaera together with light artist Christine Hvidt and I Am Human Too with performance artist Sara Arenfeldt, and not at least is he touring internationally as underwater-drummer with Aquasonic. 

Morten Poulsen’s website here.