Work Residency: Mathias Loose

BEK 14.10.2019 20.10.2019


During his Work Residency at BEK Mathias Loose will investigate MIDI-libraries in collaboration with Craig Wells (sound-artist), Lorie Ballage (sculpture and singer) and Samuel Brzeski (visual artist and poet). Throughout the week they will investigate and create sample-libraries. Collectively they will find and make examples, converse and trying out plug-ins, and go into foley/field recording mode to collect and extract their own sample-libraries. 

The work will be focusing on 2 quest lines:

1) What are the errors and opportunities within compact sample-libraries? The group will take a closer look at commercial plug-ins EastWest, Native Instruments and Project SAM to get a sense of to what degree the software imitate real instruments? They will search and expose their “real instrument” authenticity.

2) How difficult is it to create realistic sounding sample instruments? The group will create sample libraries themselves from voices, bodies and instruments. The sample library will be made available for others to use

About Mathias Loose

Mathias Loose is a sound-artist inventing and creating musical ideas that translates into records, sound-pieces and visual material. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen (2018), and is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he currently is a working member of FUKK: Forende Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstenere. 

Mathias Loose on Soundcloud