Work Residency: Inish Hedén

BEK sound studio 22.01.2021 05.02.2021


At their Work Residency at BEK, Hedén will develop a soundscape, deepen their knowledge and produce new material as well as mixing a line of finite compositions for the project Inner Beings. In collaboration with singer and composer Agnes Hvizdalek, they will explore the use of voice in techno music and record samples that will be processed and integrated in Hedén’s sound world.

Inner Beings is an interdisciplinary project that guides us through a deeper space to our inner beings. In this experience we are introduced to the creatures we may find if we open up spaces for them to create themselves and share their nature. Inner beings are spirits that guide us to our true essence.

The project is both of digital and organic nature and utilises tools of technology as well as appreciating the untouched form.   

For Inner Beings Hedén collaborates with the improvising musician, singer, composer and organiser, Agnes Hvizdalek. Originating from Vienna’s experimental music scene, she moved to Norway in 2008. From an early age, she has dedicated her life to new music and her fascination with the human voice. She celebrates this in her abstract vocal music, for which she has received international acclaim. 

The artefacts will be released as an EP/album and full length audio works/installations in Spring 2021. The listener will have the opportunity to experience the compositions with and without percussion as ambient and club versions. Inner Beings started as a visual project, that Hedén with their background in sound naturally had a wish to also develop into a sound scape. All video and photo material is unedited, extracted and looped from a LEICA phone camera. 

Inish Hedén

Inish Hedén (Inish Sofia Hedén Næss) is a multidisciplinary artist from Norway/Sweden with a BA in Music Business from the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in Berlin. Their art has a DIY attitude with roots deeply planted in the Berlin underground music scene and they create in the spheres of the archetypical, the spiritual, the emotional and the ethereal. They explore life, death, regeneration and the diversity of form as honest and natural elements of their art. 

With an intuitive approach to the intersecting fields of art and music production, Hedén challenges conformity through their creative practice. Their familiarity with conditions such as sense impairment, Parkinson’s disease, unique neurocognitive and neurobehavioral profiles, and mental health has formed how they present and express their current projects. 

Their community efforts are focused on developing inclusive and safer spaces for queer, trans and minority people and they have initiated and facilitated events, organisations and communities with the purpose of creating autonomous spaces that operates to innovate within the field of safer spacing and accessibility. In 2019 they founded SAGA (sexuality and gender acceptance) and the following year Transgender Awareness Week together with other activists. 

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