Work Residency: Gitte Sætre and Frans Jacobi

BEK 27.05.2019 02.06.2019
BEK 18.11.2019 05.12.2019


The artist duo Gitte Sætre and Frans Jacobi is working in our video studio these weeks. Towards 2021 they will have several work residencies at BEK to develop and realise Are You Ready? – a hybrid tv series. During their residencies they will do pre-production, production and post production.

Are You Ready? is a hybrid tv-series about the climate challenge and the necessary change of consciousness inherent in the ongoing processes of transformation. It is produced in various formats – art-work, performance, exhibition, various public situations – that are edited into the greater hybrid of the tv-series. Each episode of the series explores a thematic narrative, constructed as a fable. In each of these fables a subject – a salmon, a stone, a tree, a local area, love etc. – struggles to create a sustainable situation of ecological balance. In this quest there appears helpers and enemies and various obstacles are overturned.

Are You Ready?  examines the alteration of the human mind and the transition our societies are undergoing in view of climate change. To avoid the threat of apocalypse, a technological and logistic transition is not enough – it is also necessary to create a different narrative of the human in relation to its surroundings. 

With Are You Ready? we aim to create an easy-accessible, humorous account of the immense transitory task that lies ahead of us; us meaning the entire human race in collaboration with all other creatures on this planet. The ambition is to talk about these complex problems by using everyday-situations, humour and the absurd in a new genre we have invented for this purpose: Climate Futurism. 

– Gitte Sætre and Frans Jacobi

Gitte and Frans. Photo: Savas Boyraz
Are You Ready? Poto: Gitte Sætre
Green Hijab Movement, Fylkingen/Stockholm. Photo: Hironori Tsukue

The artist duo Frans Jacobi and Gitte Sætre is working with what they call Klima Futurisme (Climate Futurism) through the project Green Hijab Movement. 

Gitte Sætre 

Gitte is a visual aritst, known for projects like Woman Cleaning, Soups & Stories, Green Hijab Movement, Alltid Beredte Bergenskunstnere, Morstøv og Luftskipet. In periods she also works at Kunsthall 3,14 in Bergen.
Gitte Sætre’s website

Frans Jacobi

Frans is a visual artist and professor at The Art Academy – Institute for Fine Arts, The University of Bergen. He is the leader of the artistic research project SYNSMASKINEN and is collaborating with Gitte Sætre in Green Hijab Movement. 
Frans Jacobi’s website